Our services

We offer our services in the Netherlands and can also offer guidance during your journeys or duties abroad.

Our interpreting and translation services are specialised in the following fields:

  • legal
  • medical and scientific
  • financial business and commercial
  • technical and computer sciences
  • fields like cosmetic care and culinary specialities.


Conversation, congress, legal interpreters, interpreting when seeing a doctor, having therapeutic conversations or when taking people around for business purposes.


Certified translations of judgements, verdicts, deeds, contracts, diplomas, certificates, government reports, annual reports, financial analyses, scientific research and articles, medical files, theses and translations of manuals.

Our interpreting services are simultaneous as well as consecutive for

  • Telephone interpreting.
    We have a wide range of interpreters who are immediately available.
  • Meetings and congresses
    Tolkenhuis will gear your information to your interpreter or translator, carefully and beforehand. We consult you about the amount of work needed.
  • Commercial services
    Our interpreters and translators may also accompany you to be of service during guided tours or visits to conferences or companies.
  • Private conversations
  • Assistance in correspondence

Some people are not confident when writing a letter in a foreign language. Here, too, we can be of assistance. Typical examples are: job applications, contracts, appeals, newsletters, curriculum vitae.