About Tolkenhuis

Tolkenhuis is an organisation of skilled, reliable interpreters and translators. Our interpreting and translation services are specialised and of a high level, and include practically all languages and dialects.

Our affiliates are around 500 native speakers, available throughout the nation. Preferably, we employ interpreters and translators from your immediate vicinity, which is cost-effective. Our affiliates are specialised in a variety of fields, such as: legal, technical or commercial.

We are also at your service to interpret ordinary conversations or for guidance abroad. We offer these services at competitive prices.

Tolkenhuis stands for high quality communication between persons from different languages and civilisations. We pay high attention to tuning in to the spirit of your wishes, consultation and personal support.

To us, the basis for a harmonious cooperation in a multicultural setting lies in flexibility and individual attention. We advise you and think with you, with a minimum amount of bureaucracy. Your orders, whether interpreting or translation, are realised within the time limits set by you, considering your needs and wishes. We shall go into your situation in order to provide you with a service of which we can be proud in the first place.


Tolkenhuis is constantly on the look-out for interpreters, especially for simultaneous -interpreting.

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Our quotations are free of commitment. For orders our conditions are binding.